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Reading Group: Editing Biosecurity

  • Berkeley REACH 3045 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States (map)

We will be discussing "Editing Biosecurity: Needs and Strategies for Governing Genome Editing", a report released this January 2019 by researchers from George Mason University and Stanford University.

They say this:

two-year multidisciplinary study, Editing Biosecurity, explore[s] critical biosecurity issues related to CRISPR and related genome editing technologies. The overarching goal of the study was to present governance options and recommendations to key stakeholders, and to identify broader trends in the life sciences that may alter the security landscape... the research team focused on how to manage the often-competing demands of promoting innovation and preventing misuse, and how to adapt current, or create new, governance mechanisms to achieve these objectives

This report is quite long! Please prioritize sections in the following order:

  • Executive Summary

  • 1. Editing Biosecurity

  • 6. Key Trends and Takeaways

  • 4. Safety and Security Risks enabled by Genome Editing

  • 5. Potential Security Scenarios - Illustrating Governance Gaps and Options

  • 2. Genome Editing - Tools, Capabilities, Applications, and Limitations

  • 3. Benefits of Genome Editing - A Snapshot