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Reading Group: Technology Roulette

  • 3045 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA, 94705 United States (map)

For this reading group, we'll be discussing Richard Danzig's report "Technology Roulette: Managing Loss of Control as Many Militaries Pursue Technological Superiority".

The report is an expanded version of a study undertaken for IARPA. In the executive summary, Danzig writes:

Progress toward our primary [military] goal, superiority, should be expected to increase rather than reduce collateral risks of loss of control. This report contends that, unfortunately, we cannot reliably estimate the resulting risks. Worse, there are no apparent paths for eliminating them or even keeping them from increasing. The benefit of an often referenced recourse, keeping “humans in the loop” of operations involving new technologies, appears on inspection to be of little and declining benefit.

The full PDF of the report is available here:

Dinner will be provided.

This takes place at REACH, the rationalist and effective altruism community hub. No need to call anyone to get in, just come to the front door and knock. This event is open to both people familiar with and new to thinking about biosecurity. It is baby-in-arms friendly, but not child-friendly.