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Reading Group: Speeding Up Vaccine Production

Why does it take such a long time for new vaccines to become available? How can we speed up vaccine production in the case of a pandemic?

For this reading group, we’ll be discussing a few pieces related to vaccine production:

“Vaccine Production Is Horribly Outdated. Here Are 3 Ways to Fix It.” Bond, 2009, Discover Magazine:

”Ebola vaccine: What took so long?” Brown, 2018, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,

”Strengthening the US Medical Countermeasure Enterprise for Biological Threats", Ravi & Adalja, 2017, Health Security,

(paywalled, PM us if you need help getting access)

Dinner will be provided.

This takes place at REACH, the rationalist and effective altruism community hub. No need to call anyone to get in, just come to the front door and knock. This event is open to both people familiar with and new to thinking about biosecurity. It is baby-in-arms friendly, but not child-friendly.