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Reading Group: Red Teaming the Biological Sciences

Is it a good idea to deliberately go looking for (bio)security vulnerabilities? How can such "red teaming" exercises do the most to enhance security, while minimizing risks?

For this reading group, we'll be reading "Red Teaming the Biological Sciences for Deliberate Threats", a publication from Lisa Zhang and Gigi Gronvall at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

"There have been widespread calls from government and private organizations to analyze biological threats with a red teaming approach, in order to prioritize resources and to counter a wide array of biological agents. This paper includes a timeline of historical examples of both biological red team simulations and vulnerability probes, and discusses the challenges of conducting realistic, cost-effective modeling of biological agents."

Link here:

(paywalled, PM us if you need help getting access)

Dinner will be provided.

This takes place at REACH, the rationalist and effective altruism community hub. No need to call anyone to get in, just come to the front door and knock. This event is open to both people familiar with and new to thinking about biosecurity. It is baby-in-arms friendly, but not child-friendly.